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ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 13

When Worlds Collide

ClusterTalk launches its second year! Bill Crew plays zookeeper to a Pig; Chris Adiletta wonders how much stress customers endure waiting for online video to load. We discuss two worlds: Pandora, James Cameron’s Avatar reality (and how it relies on Isilon), and EMC World. Special guest Jason Farnsworth reflects on his eight years as an Isilon user. A customer asks about retaining snapshots forever, and Chris follows up with the most elaborate Cool Command yet. Meanwhile, photos of a quilt make Scott Pinzon happy.

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Show Notes:

Video Buffering Stress:

Study: A bad mobile video experience can be as stressful as taking a math test

Avatar and Isilon:

EMC & Lightstorm Entertainment Redefine the Film Industry for a Digital Future - EMC Pulse

EMC World:


You Asked For It:

Snapshot Limits

Cool Command:

isi job jobs start ChangelistCreate --older-snapid 2 –newersnapid 6


Happy Topics:

Chris - The Division:


Scott - Camera Lenses:



3GenQuilt-with-room window.jpg


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Re: ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 13

Thanks for having me on the show guys! Great topics! Twitter handle: @jason_farns