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Cross-region replication of cloudpool data

Is anyone using Amazon's cross-region replication to provide DR for Isilon Smartfiles stubbed out? 

Is this a correct understanding of the use case:

2 Isilon clusters East - West  with CloudPools and SyncIQ..

An application running primary in East with DR in West.

The East data will be stubbed to the cloud and the stub file and cloud credentials will be replicated via SyncIQ to the west coast.

Because the S3 bucket is cross-region to a west amazon region the West Isilon will read the stub and pull S3 data from the West copy?

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Re: Cross-region replication of cloudpool data

Cross-region replication works by copying objects uploaded to a bucket in one region to a second bucket in a different region. 

So, while you could use this to replicate CloudPools objects, CloudPools would not be aware of this second bucket, and would not be able to address it, so both clusters would only be able to use the original bucket.

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