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DFS Replication as Migration Method

I've seen several old posts about DFS Replication and the Isilon but I'm not sure if what I want to do is what is being described.  It's been some time since I've worked with DFS.  The theme I see most is that DFS replication isn't supported by the Isilon, nor by any non-Windows system, but I've seen this work with an NS20 (long time ago) but I wasn't the main admin.

The idea is to take some current shares on another file server and replicate them to new shares on the Isilon using DFS.  We've done this in the past with other storage appliances, and were successful.  Some of our techs prefer this method as they find it non-disruptive.  Adding a folder target is no problem, but when we go set up replication, we have to pick a computer object in AD.  We find our object for the Isilon (was created when I set up the AD authentication provider, has all correct SPN records) but selecting it results in an error about not being able to resolve.

Is this strictly a DNS issue where I request some sort of alias or other record from the AD record name to my SmartConnect zone alias, if that is even possible?  Or is there something deeper to DFS replication that means it truly won't work even if it could resolve?

If a DNS issue alone, what do I request?  Something pointing to the SIP?  Something pointing to my delegated zone for the Isilon?

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Re: DFS Replication as Migration Method

DFSr isn't supported on Isilon, VNX, Unity, etc.  It's not at all a DNS issue, instead it's an issue of the service(DFSr) only being supported on Windows Servers.  If your data is behind a DFS leaf today you can certainly copy it to a share on Isilon, and then during a switchover event, update the DFS leaf to point from the old source to the new target.  How you go about copying the data to the Isilon cluster is where you'll need to use a host-based tool. 

My company, Datadobi makes what I certainly believe is the best host-based migration software on the market, but of course I'm biased.  But take a look for yourself if you'd like.

~Chris Klosterman

Principal SE, Datadobi


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