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Deleting SynqIQ data

We have recently changed a policy and a folder that was protected by SynqIQ is now no longer required to be HA.  The folder was 220TB so we can now reclaim space on Isilon Cluster 2

On EyeGlass 

  1. disabled the Job for this SynqIQ policy

On Isilon CLuster 1 ( Live )

  1. Deleted SynqIQ policy

On Isilon Cluster 2 ( failover )

  1. Deleted Snapshot policy
  2. From Putty session removed the replicated folder rm -rf foldername

Now the folder was 220TB, the rm command finished but as of yet I haven't seen any reduction in the space used on Cluster 2


Have I missed something? or do I need to leave overnight?


any help would be appreciated

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You may need to break the target read only flag set against the target DIR on cluster 2 (previously controlled by the SyncIQ policy from Cluster1) review Cluster2 Synciq Targets to see if any local clusters on cluster2 still think they are part of a synciq policy from cluster1

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@NotStopIsilonProblems , rm -rf is single threaded? try treedelete job also.

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