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Dell certification expiration issue

Hello everyone,

Recently we have received advisory that we should upgrade our dell backend switches Z9100 to address the certificate expiration issue. The KB000185548 states that if we have only leaf switches (no spines), then our configuration is not affected and we do not have to do it. We called support and they said that all switches are affected and nevertheless we should go with it. Now we are confused what we should do. Can anybody help ?

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I believe that it was originally only that Leaf/Spine configurations were affected, however now it does cover all configurations, including ToR configurations.

It would be advisable to update the switches to the correct level of code at the earliest possible time, to avoid any possible DU situations.

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If one looks at the exact wording in the KB

Deployed Configuration: Flat/Top of Rack/single switch per backend network

  • Risk: Medium – Certificate expiration does not affect a running switch, but does pose a risk if upgraded to a Leaf/Spine configuration

I'd say the key word triggering support's advise to upgrade is "Risk: Medium" here.


-- Peter

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