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EMCopy - continued "Unable to set SD" (Error <5>) despite Admin privs on Windows FS source

All files are seen on the source, and they are indeed copied, but of course the ACLs are not as source?!

I am using mapped drives (per SMB-File-migration-to-EMC-Isilon docu49401 best practices) which I map via my Administrator account.

I recently set the /ifs to "root privilege" via the above doc - that made no difference.

Not all files are getting the Unable to set SD error - 630 out of 1168 files copied receive the error.  Example is:

TH061 : 16:18:57 : Y:\cyjohnson\Clute_Wealth_Lapse_Ltr.doc -> X:\data\groups\cambridge\users\cyjohnson\Clute_Wealth_Lapse_Ltr.doc


TH061 : 16:19:02 : ERROR (5) : X:\data\groups\cambridge\users\cyjohnson\Clute_Wealth_Lapse_Ltr.doc -> Unable to set SD

Further data:

EMCOPY64 4.17 - File migration tool

    EMC Migration Tools

    Copyright  (C)1999-2014, All Rights Reserved, by EMC Corporation, Hopkinton MA.

System information


Client OS                   : Microsoft Windows Seven Enterprise Edition, AMD 64-bit Service Pack 1 (build 7601)

Server SRC                  : CBFS01          5.2

Server DEST                 : NGFLS01        6.1 Isilon Server

TH000 : 16:18:48 : WARNING : Unable to retrieve the PDC of the domain NGCORP nearby \\NGFLS01, error : 1717

TH000 : 16:18:48 : WARNING : The default primary group is set to "domain users"

Command information


Date                        : 25/08/2015 16:18:49

Source path                 : Y:\

Desti. path                 : X:\data\groups\cambridge\users\

Files and Dirs filter(s)    : *.*

Directory options           : /s

List/Modify/Create options  :

Check content mode          : bin

Security options:           : /o /secfix

Retry options               : /r:1 /w:30 /c

Log file                    : /log+:C:\Users\ggallaghera\Documents\cambridge-test.txt

Processing the copy from Y:\ to X:\data\groups\cambridge\users\ ...

What am I doing wrong??

thank you!!


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Re: EMCopy - continued "Unable to set SD" (Error <5>) despite Admin privs on Windows FS source


Here is what I would try...

- identify the user account used for running EMCopy (admin account you are using)

- Add that account to the local administrator group and local backup group on the Windows file server

- allow that account to “run as root” on the Isilon share

Hopefully that helps!

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Re: EMCopy - continued "Unable to set SD" (Error <5>) despite Admin privs on Windows FS source

Thank you Keith - you indeed were the catalyst to my success!!

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