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FSAnalyze issue

A few days ago I discovered the problem of one of Isilon's nodes.
After looking at OneFS, I saw the message "FSAnalyze has failed".
I have reviewed the logs and noticed such position:
"FSAnalyze [36239] phase 10 (2019-02-01T22: 16: 28)
Elapsed time 3 seconds
Working time 3 seconds
Errors 1
Error list [19-02-01 22:16:26 FSAnalyze [36239] Node 1 (1) task 3-98: Failed writing configuration to file /var/ifs/gconfig_tmp.UQn0HG: No space left on device] "
df -h
Filesystem               Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/mirror/var1         989M    165M    746M    18%    /var
I wonder if manual launch of FSAnalyze job will solve my problem or I have to increase free space on this directory?
Has anyone struggled with such a problem?
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Re: FSAnalyze issue

Nobody have had similiar situation?

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Praveen G
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Re: FSAnalyze issue

Not sure if this could be related to snapshot.

Once experienced with FSAnalyzesnapshot , a huge snapshot taken and its kept for few weeks and and FSAnalyze nerver completed.

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