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Help me get an inventory of Isilon devices from InsightIQ.

I need to get an inventory of Isilion devices along with their assigned IP addresses.  I know nothing about InsightIQ, but it's what we use to manage our storage infrastructure.  Is there a report available or one I could create that I could have our Isilon admin schedule to be dumped to a CSV file?  I would like to move this info to our asset tracking system. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Help me get an inventory of Isilon devices from InsightIQ.


Ask the Isilon admin to give you this output from Isilon CLI.  Gives you capacity, serial number of node, product/model of node.


# isi status -q

# isi_for_array -s 'isi_hw_status | grep -i ser'

# isi_for_array -s 'isi_hw_status | grep -i product'


s200-1# isi status -q

Cluster Name: s200

Cluster Health:     [  OK ]

Cluster Storage:  HDD                 SSD Storage

Size:             18.0T (18.6T Raw)   551.2G (551.2G Raw)

VHS Size:         646.6G

Used:             773.8G (4%)         2.2G (< 1%)

Avail:            17.2T (96%)         549.0G (> 99%)

                   Health  Throughput (bps)  HDD Storage      SSD Storage

ID |IP Address     |DASR |  In   Out  Total| Used / Size     |Used / Size


  1|   | OK  | 1.6k|41.1M|41.1M| 258G/ 6.2T(  4%)| 756M/ 184G(< 1%)

  2|   | OK  | 109k|    0| 109k| 258G/ 6.2T(  4%)| 757M/ 184G(< 1%)

  3|   | OK  | 1.3k|38.6k|39.9k| 258G/ 6.2T(  4%)| 754M/ 184G(< 1%)


Cluster Totals:          | 112k|41.1M|41.2M| 774G/18.0T(  4%)| 2.2G/ 551G(< 1%)

     Health Fields: D = Down, A = Attention, S = Smartfailed, R = Read-Only

s200-1# isi_for_array -s 'isi_hw_status | grep -i ser'

s200-1:   SerNo: SS200-301238-0336

s200-2:   SerNo: SS200-301242-0055

s200-3:   SerNo: SS200-301238-0341

s200-1# isi_for_array -s 'isi_hw_status | grep -i product'

s200-1: Product: S200-2U-Dual-48GB-2x1GE-2x10GE SFP+-7066GB-200GB SSD

s200-2: Product: S200-2U-Dual-48GB-2x1GE-2x10GE SFP+-7066GB-200GB SSD

s200-3: Product: S200-2U-Dual-48GB-2x1GE-2x10GE SFP+-7066GB-200GB SSD


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