ISILON Gen6 solution poor perfomance

Hi Folks, I have a couple of S4128F-ON as switches core connected to an Isilon cluster using 10 GbE interfaces. There's no aggregation between the cores and the Isilon cluster with is comprised of four H500 Gen6 nodes and its 8 interfaces for user data which are video files. Downstream we have four S3048s in a stack, iMAC workstations are distributed connected to the S3048 switches, Between Core switches and Access switches we have an LACP aggregation with eight 10 GbE for each side. Customer needs to connect at least 90 iMACs, edit and playback video using Final Cut Pro X concurrently. We need your advices in order to improve the network performances and reach the customer expectations.

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Re: ISILON Gen6 solution poor perfomance

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