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Internal infiniband speed of a X200 cluster?


We've got a 6 Node Isilion cluster of X200 nodes, all of them individualy connected to a 10GB HP switch. Now, I'm wondering, what speed does the Infiniband between the nodes have? The data sheet I found says dual DDR Infiniband, but what GB/s speed does that translate into?

Put another way, if, theoreticaly, we were to have full network load on all 6 10Gb ports on the switch going to the Isilion cluster, how much throughput can the cluster handle? Of course I understand it depends on how we access files, etc... but a ballpark figure would be nice...



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Re: Internal infiniband speed of a X200 cluster?

The front end, does. It affect the backed traffic. So you are running 20gb on the backend

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Re: Internal infiniband speed of a X200 cluster?

A clarification.  Nearly all X200 nodes have dual IB - so that means 2xDDR, which is 2x20Gb/sec.  There are very few (and should be zero, truth be told) nodes with a single IB card. 

So, there is 40 Gb/sec of IB bandwidth available on the backend of each X200.  Compare this with the 22Gb/sec (2x10+2x1) frontend Ethernet bandwidth.

The backend of any Isilon cluster is not a bottleneck in terms of overall system design.  In fact, the more recent nodes (A100, S210, X410) have 2xQDR, which is 2x40Gb = 80Gb/sec on the backend. 

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Re: Internal infiniband speed of a X200 cluster?

You'll run out of spindles before you run out of back end network. Assuming you've got 10 HDDs in each of the nodes, you end up with around 38400 Mbit/sec max bandwidth, assuming 80MB/sec/disk. Of course, caching plays into that too. In testing, the most we've seen out of our S200s on single stream large file is ~600MB/sec/node. 7.1.1 with L3 caching should improve that vastly (Isilon claimed at EMCWorld they could saturate a 10Gb link with the right conditions), but of course ymmv. On my 7 node 10000X-SSD test cluster running 7.1.1 with L3 on, the most I've seen single node single stream is ~480MB/sec.