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Isilon, Cloudpools and AWS - S3 user account privileges

I haven't been able to find any information on what access rights/privileges (in AWS) that the AWS S3 user account needs when you're configuring the Cloud storage account in OneFS. Forgive my terminology but AWS isn't my forte.

My AWS guy initially create a non-administrative account in AWS for me to test with. When I was attempting to create the cloud storage account in OneFS it would fail. Eventually he just ended up giving it full admin privileges in S3. So now that account can access all buckets, which is not really what we want. The Cloud storage account was created, the bucket got created (with a terrible UID) and it's been functioning fine otherwise.

What are the correct account settings in S3 for this user account?  I'm sure I've left out pertinent information here, so let me know whatever questions you have.

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Re: Isilon, Cloudpools and AWS - S3 user account privileges

So I got a doc (not sure of the name but it is apparently an internal doc) that lists the following:

Permissions for the IAM user

1. Under  ‘Identity & Access Management’ in the AWS console dashboard, navigate to IAM > Users > <username> and click the Permissions tab

2. In the Managed Policies pane, click Attach Policy button and have the following policies attached to the IAM user

    a. AmazonS3FullAccess

    b. AdministratorAccess