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Isilon Computer Object in Trusted domains


I have a large Isilon cluster that is joined to multiple domains which some have two way trust between them. Through trial by fire we found that just joining to domains with different computer names can cause issues in the other trusted domains. 

Forrest (acme.com) 

  • a.acme.com - child
  • b.acme.com - child
  • c.acme.com - child

My cluster is joined to a.acme.com and b.acme.com. I see computer objects with the same cluster name in ADUC for both a.acme.com and b.acme.com. I may have some clean up to do but will need to do that carefully so that the DNS Delegations/shortnames do not go offline. We ran into an issue when trying to join c.acme.com stating that a computer object already had that name. To get around the error it was joined with a different name. Ultimately that took b.acme.com shortname out. The shares in b.acme.com were still accessible but only through ip. We had our AD team clean up the objects and resolved that issue.

My question is what is the suggested solution for adding Isilon to larger more complex AD environments? Best Practices/White paper do not seem to exit. 

Any help or suggestions to the right solution will be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: Isilon Computer Object in Trusted domains

Hello dizzy_isi

Have you looked at this Isilon OneFS Cluster Composition, Quorum, and Group State to see if it can help with your configuration. https://www.dellemc.com/resources/en-us/asset/white-papers/products/storage/h17364_wp_onefs_group_st...

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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