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Isilon SMB Shares

Need some help in understanding why our permissions are getting wiped off from our SMB shares. Below is the example of my issue. Appreciate if you could provide some suggestions.

Environment: Mutiple protocol share

Directory on the isilon is created as /ifs/test-isilon/test. When i do a ls-led on the directory path i see user root having full control with group and everyone user having read and execute permissions. No windows AD groups or users have been added through CLI

NFS export created by pointing to the above path

SMB share created pointing to the same path with name "test". While creating the SMB share/export everyone is set to read-only and only our windows admin group is provided full access to make permission changes.

When our windows admins try to add a user they see an error saying that "remotely setting permission on the folder at the root of the share removes all inherited permissions from the root of the folder and all sub folders. To set permissions without removing the inherited permissions click No and either change the permissions on a child folder to make the change while logged in locally". if our admins ignore the message and continue adding the user. it adds user1 but removes other windows users.

Second issue we have is when our admin try adding another user user2 it adds user2 but removes user1 permissions with the same message they saw in my previous step.

Any suggestions you can provide to fix this is appreciated



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Re: Isilon SMB Shares

open an SR Raj.

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