Isilon Scale-Out NAS Sizing Tools and Guides


Isilon is actively working to create documentation that will accurately size and fit it’s Scale-Out technology solutions to customer workloads as accurately as possible.  Sizing in this context means to identify what class of Isilon Node is the appropriate type for the use case and how many Nodes will be required to do the job properly.  As we focus on completing these sizing guides and tools for our NAS Specialists and Channel Partners, we want to reach out and get feedback from that audience regarding what tools and guides would best help with your opportunities. 

Please comment with your suggestions and know that your feedback will directly impact the development those guides and tools, so now is the time to share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance,


B. Scott Cassell

EMC²| Isilon Storage Division

Corporate Solutions Architect

Email:  bscott.cassell@isilon.com

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