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Isilon test system?


By any chance is there an online Isilon test system, similar to the EMC-provided Centera and Atmos test systems?  (My management wants to test how our software performs when something we've created has been set to WORM.)


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Re: Isilon test system?

There isn't anything available online like the object systems.  However, there are options for testing.

1. If your data set is small, you can use the simulator and run your tests there

2. If you have the HW setup, you can download the IsilonSD Edge product and ask your account team for a temporary SmartLock license.

3. If your test is portable (can be run outside your site) and can be done in a set period of time (say a week or so) you can ask your account team to request a Remote POC where you could run your tests in a DellEMC hosted lab on real gear.  Turn-around time varies but we can usually get you up and running within 2 weeks (sometime less) depending on how many booked demos we have.

Just some ideas...