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Isilon without DNS for a few hosts


we will use Isilon Systems as Backend for Commvault Backup and for the Case everything is down including the DNS Servers we want the Backup Server to be able to communicate with the Isilon Cluster but we wan´t to take advantage off Smart Connect.

Is it possible to place a Entry in the Hosts that points to the Cluster IP? User the Cluster IP as DNS Server is not the Solution as we need to user the DNS Servers for Connection to the Backup Clients.

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Re: Isilon without DNS for a few hosts

This question has come up before for Isilon clusters in a DMZ for instance.  What you can do is make the cluster's SmartConnect Service IP address be a DNS server on the Commvault Servers.  Perhaps as a tertiary DNS server.


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Re: Isilon without DNS for a few hosts

To add to what Chris said, you can check out page 19 (as of the time of this post) for the section on Isilon in an isolated network environment: To continue using Dell.com, please upgrade your browser.

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