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Mac OS X 5.7 samba problem with 3-4 letter usernames

Hello, everyone.

I have a very weird problem.  I already opened a ticket with Isilon and they pretty much told me that they realize it's a bug, but we are on our own because Mac OS X 5.7 is no longer supported.

We still have users running it, thus my question.

We recently upgraded to OneFS and that's when our problems started.  Users with 3 or 4 letter usernames no longer could connect to their shares over samba.  This particular share refers to %U.  In addition, this share has symbolic links to user's home directories (which are located in different directories).  Below I've included isi smb shares view information on that particular share.

From console:

8/9/16 2:25:05.411 PM NetAuthSysAgent: smb_mount: mount failed to hostname/home, syserr = Input/output error

8/9/16 2:25:05.000 PM kernel: smb_ntstatus_error_to_errno: Couldn't map ntstatus (0xc00000e5) to errno returning EIO

Users CAN successfully mount to shares WITHOUT symbolic links.  Users CAN successfully mount to shares WITH symbolic links only if their username has 5 or more characters.

I know there is one isi_gconfig setting to check and it's already set to 0.

isi_for_array -s 'isi_gconfig registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks'

cs-isilon-0-10: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

cs-isilon-0-11: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

cs-isilon-0-12: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

cs-isilon-0-13: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

cs-isilon-0-14: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

cs-isilon-0-15: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

cs-isilon-0-16: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

cs-isilon-0-17: registry.Services.lwio.Parameters.Drivers.onefs.SMB2Symlinks (uint32) = 0

Wondering if anyone experienced anything similar and/or any suggestions.  Thank you!

# isi smb shares  view home

                                     Share Name: cshome

                                           Path: /ifs/home/cifshomes/%U

                                    Description: home directories

                     Client-side Caching Policy: manual

Automatically expand user names or domain names: True

Automatically create home directories for users: False

                                      Browsable: True


Account  Account Type  Run as Root  Permission Type  Permission


Everyone wellknown     False        allow            full


Total: 1

          Access Based Enumeration: No

Access Based Enumeration Root Only: No

             Allow Delete Readonly: No

              Allow Execute Always: No

                     Change Notify: norecurse

                Create Permissions: default acl

             Directory Create Mask: 0700

             Directory Create Mode: 0755

                  File Create Mask: 0600

                  File Create Mode: 0644

                    Hide Dot Files: No

                          Host ACL: -

                 Impersonate Guest: never

                  Impersonate User:

                 Mangle Byte Start: 0XED00

                        Mangle Map: 0x01-0x1F:-1, 0x22:-1, 0x2A:-1, 0x3A:-1, 0x3C:-1, 0x3E:-1, 0x3F:-1, 0x5C:-1

                  Ntfs ACL Support: Yes

                           Oplocks: Yes

                      Strict Flush: Yes

                    Strict Locking: No

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