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Multiprotocoll with Isilon and AD with Unix Extension

Hey Everyone,

we Evaluating an Isilon Virtual Cluster at the moment, and try to get Multiprotocoll Access to work. Our Setup:

Active Directory with Unix Extensions RFC2307

One User Account for Windows and Unix Access

Isilon Joined to AD with RFC2307 Settings

Now we want to Access the NFS Export from a Linux Client (RHEL or CentOS) with an AD User throug Kerberos Security over Winbind because we need Cross Forest Trustships and they wont work with SSSD.

Is there someone who did this before and had some Hint´s or a Guide for us?



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Re: Multiprotocoll with Isilon and AD with Unix Extension

Hello Shamrok,

There is a guide for this setup, but it does require a loging to at this time:

Integrating EMC Isilon with Kerberised NFS and Windows Active Directory

We also have this document in the following ECN post if you are unable to access the link above:

How to configure the Isilon cluster to use Kerberos with NFS in an AD environment

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

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