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Node keeps losing time

We have a fairly new H500.  OneFS  There are 4 nodes.

One of them keeps losing time - when the time difference gets to be a few minutes I get an alert.  The node that loses time is not a chimer node (the other 3 are)

I go to the web UI, and make a change to time there, and that brings Node4's time to synchronised state.


I'm not sure my approach is the correct one, as this error/alert has occurred more than once now.  What I do addresses the problem, but not the cause. 


Besides changing time in the web UI, is there something I can do directly on the node itself?  Anything to check?

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Have a look at these documents: 

TROUBLESHOOT A TIME DRIFT ON YOUR ISILON CLUSTER  (from 2019, but should also apply to OneFS 8.2)



-- Peter

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