Power cycle Gen6 Nodes vs Gen4/Gen5

Hi Community,

for some reasons you need to do a full power cycle instead of a simple reboot. Ther is alse a KB article about that topic.

For Gen4 and Gen6 Nodes this is not a special thing and I had to do it a few times.

But how do I perform a power cycle on a single Gen6 node without also shutting down the peer node?

The power redundancy concept of the Gen6 nodes is slightly different from previous generations. Since each individual node in a Gen6 chassis has only one power supply, two nodes (= a Node pair) always share two power supplies. If one power supply unit or power circuit fails, the other power supply unit works for both nodes.

So when I shut down one node and disconnect its power cable, it still gets power from the peer node's power supply. Do I have to shutdown and disconnect the power cable of the peer Node too? How should I proceed if the pool consists only out of four Nodes and the quorum would be lost if I shutdown two of four Nodes?

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