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SNMP OIDs to description mapping

A customer asked the following about their Isilon environment; How do I get a list of OID to description mappings so we can have tickets opened in our Remedy system? Do you have a list of the critical ones we would need to open since we obviously don’t want to open a ticket for every MIB entry?

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Re: SNMP OIDs to description mapping

I used a free utility I found called MIB Browser to navigate through the Isilon MIB files.   As I click on each entry it gives me the OID and a description of the object.

Here’s a link to download the free utility; http://www.ks-soft.net/hostmon.eng/mibbrowser/index.htm   All you need to do is copy the Isilon MIBs (available from the Isilon WebUI) into a folder with the Mib Browser files (about 5 of them) and run the MibBrowser executable.  The only tricky thing is that you have to keep expanding the tree until you see “Isilon”. (See screenshot below) 

As for which events are critical, I’d probably start with ClusterStatus, clusterHealth and offlineNodes, nodeStatus  nodeHealth and things along those lines.

Many (or even most) of the ones listed under the Traps section are things you’d want to get alerted on like; SyncIQ Errors, Snapshot Errors, File System…disk pool usage, Node Status, Node Shutdown, etc.


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Re: SNMP OIDs to description mapping

Thanks for this info, very helpful

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