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Set Isilon F800 (OS 8.2) management IP through CLI

Hi, how can I set the management interface IP through the command line? I know I can do it via WebUI but I need to do it using CLI over the serial connection.



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Hello khayamgondal,

Here is a link to a KB that may help.

Here is also a link to Isilon OneFS 8.2.1 CLI Administration Guide

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In my example, mgmt-1 are the 1g NICs.


isi network groupnets list -v

isi network subnets list -v

isi network pools list -v

isi network interfaces list

isi network pools modify groupnet0.subnet0.pool0 --ifaces=1:mgmt-1,2:mgmt-1 --ranges=   

isi network interfaces list

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picking up on this discussion.

Thanks @PhiLam your reply was a great help to me when i was facing the same issue

below is what i understand and manage to getting it working for me hope it helps others




isi network subnets create groupnet0.subnet0 ipv4 24
isi network pools create groupnet0.subnet0.pool0
isi network pools modify groupnet0.subnet0.pool0
isi network subnets modify groupnet0.mgmt_01 --gateway
isi network pools modify modify groupnet0.subnet0.pool0 --ifaces=1:mgmt-1,2:mgmt-1,3:mgmt-1,4:mgmt-1,5:mgmt-1,6:mgmt-1,7:mgmt-1,8:mgmt-1,9:mgmt-1,10:mgmt-1,11:mgmt-1,12:mgmt-1

!!!!! if you have 12 node you will need to --iface=1:mgmt-1,2:mgmt-1,3:mgmt-1,4:mgmt-1,5:mgmt-1,6:mgmt-1,7:mgmt-1,8:mgmt-1,9:mgmt-1,10:mgmt-1,11:mgmt-1,12:mgmt-1!!!!!!

!!!!! if you want to assign interface mgmt-1 to only some of the node lets say 4 node you will need to --iface=1:mgmt-1,2:mgmt-1,3:mgmt-1,4:mgmt-1!!!!!!

iface mean interface

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for range, you can use --iface=1-4:mgmt-1 or --iface=1-12:mgmt1

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