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SyncIQ - fail over of one SMB share

Two Isilons running OneFS
Primary Isilon is replicating SMB shares to the target Isilon.

A client wants :
- One of the SMB shares to be moved from the 'primary' Isilon to the 'secondary' Isilon
- Then replicate that one SMB share back to the ‘original primary' Isilon from the 'secondary' Isilon.
- Then share out that one SMB share on the 'secondary' Isilon.

To do this, I would assume that the following needs to be done:

- Fail over the syncIQ policy (for the one SMB share) from the primary Isilon to the secondary Isilon and verify that the directory is RW on the secondary Isilon and RO on the primary Isilon.
- Create a new share on the secondary Isilon and point it to the directory of the RW folder.
- Set up a new syncIQ policy for the new share and replicate it to the ‘original’ primary Isilon to a new directory location.
- Run the new syncIQ policy (i.e. a full copy)
- Once the syncIQ policy finishes, allow clients to access the new share on the secondary Isilon

I am asking this question because of the poor OneFS documentation available for this and a poor KB article - support.emc.com/kb/335109

Is the above procedure correct?

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