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Transfer around 1.8 TB to be portable on Isilon NL400

What is the most recommended way to transfer upto 1.8TB of information to be portable from a Isilon storage.

Right now we are using 2 TB external disk with USB 3.0 interface in one side, but in the other side we have used Ret hat 5.8 servers, Windows 2008 with USB 2.0 interface (of course the rate is the 2.0 interface), and we are having less than 10MB/s transfer rates, that makes the transfer a 2 day effort.

Testing on PC transfer of USB 3.0, we found transfer rates beyond 100 MB/s when the data is locally attached (not coming from the NAS environment)

The direct question, Is there a module of USB 3.0 that could be attach to the Isilon to directly extract that information to the external usb 3.0 disk?

It should be portable because external partners transport the data to be analyzed on their site and then return with the data analyzed (files of 300GB or beyond).

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Re: Transfer around 1.8 TB to be portable on Isilon NL400

Firstly, welcome to the forums, and above all, thank you for being an EMC customer.

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Re: Transfer around 1.8 TB to be portable on Isilon NL400

Over here we usually use a separate PC for portable disks and do the transfer through NAS (NFS).

If your portable disk delivers about 100MB/s over USB3, and you have that large files,

the NAS path shouldn't be a big bottleneck (well yes, maybe limited by 1GE).


-- Peter

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