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Using DFS to provide DR solutions?

Does anyone know if you can add in DFS a new target folder, create a "COST" to it so that it should not be accessed unless the source array becomes unavailable?

So, in short.

A DFS share would look like this.

DFS Share = \\produciton\myshare

Target Folder



the second folder would have a cost associated so that resoltuions would not cross the WAN.


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Re: Using DFS to provide DR solutions?

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Re: Using DFS to provide DR solutions?

In theory costing and subnets in AD would work, in practice it breaks down easily.  We have tested this but found it failed in several scenario's resulting in read-only data for the user.

This administration requirement for costing and IP subnet maintenance goes away with Superna Eyeglass DFS Integrated failover mode  https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-48615 and how it works


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