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What are the detailed specs of Isilon 10GbE SFPs?

I've had a customer ask me: 

"I tried to do some searches with the part # to locate a spec sheet for the “KIT - 2 SFP+ OPTIC - 10Gb 851-0099” and didn’t come up with anything.

Looking for the specifications on those optics is what we would like."

Isilon currently ships all the 10GbE optical kits (Part# 851-0099 /  KIT - 2 SFP+ OPTIC - 10Gb) with 2 Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL SR SFPs.

This link includes all the nice specs/details on the SFP.  FTLX8571D3BCL | Finisar

Note:  These SFP kits are designed to be placed in the Isilon nodes, not the customer's switch.  Customers can use whatever SFP model their Ethernet switches support on the other side of the cable from the Isilon nodes.

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Re: What are the detailed specs of Isilon 10GbE SFPs?

As per your answer, Is it ok to use the Brocade 10G-XFP-SR (850nm serial pluggable XFP optic (LC), target range 300m over MMF) optic for Isilon connectivity from switch?

We had the same above SFPs for Isilon.

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