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compress folders through cli or ssh efficiently at cluster level

Hi we want to compress some folders into .zip o .tar or .tar.gz.

We can just log into ssh in one of our nodes and perform this operation using linux scripts, but we want to perform this operation efficiently, I mean not just using only one node but all the cluster nodes.

Is it possible to perform this operation at cluster level? through cli? isi compress folder1 folder2 folder3 or something like that?



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Hello Alex_val,

What is your current Onefs version?

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Please do not attempt do run CPU-intensive software directly on the cluster. For CPU-bound applications like file compression there is barely a benefit in read/write efficiency; but stealing CPU cycles from OneFS may put the cluster's predictable work performance at a risk.

Newer/newest PowerScale node models running latest OneFS releases do have inline compression built in, so that all CPU usage happens in a controlled way.

(Of course this inline compression is invisible to the user: file.dat will stay file.dat and not become file.dat.gz. This may or may not be desirable; e.g. where compressed files should be read in compressed form in order to save network bandwidth.)


-- Peter

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