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how to recover/restore to factory image both 8Gig boot flash drives on x200

Is there a way to restore/recover both 8Gig boot "drives" to the factory or shipped state (on X200 node) ?

Let's say that a rogue dd sourced from /dev/zero overwrote partition tables on both of the boot drives (or worse, zeroed all 8Gig of each drive).

Re-imaging from (as an example) doesn't work, dies in the middle complaining of missing files and manufacturing info.  Running isi_update_cto looks like it is collecting data but in the end doesn't help.

So, is there a way to reformat/reinit both of the flash drives?  especially considering that one has an extra 2Gig partition so they are not exactly identical.

Also, is there any special in the mfg partition that is directly tied to any physical components of a particular box?

Would isi_reformat_node --factory help in above case?



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