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list smb open files without root access?

our helpdesk are often closing open files, is there a way to run something similar to  isi_for_array "isi smb openfiles list" | grep <filename> but without having to run as a root account? 

All our helpdesk need to do is identify the node the file is on and then can use MMC to connect to the node via IP. however it is a bit time consuming to escalate this to storage administrators each time to run a command like this as root to find the node where the file is open.

has anyone else come across a more efficient method?

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suspect you could gather the information using a REST API using a dedicated task account with minimal required privilege's to gather required info.  The minimal privilege's are  probably a subset of 

isi auth privileges --verbose

once the user is setup, use python or your favorite environment to call the SDK API to the isilon. End result is a script that helpdesk can run directly ?

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