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Re: 1525 DVD tray randomly ejects on own

My wife's 1525 been having the same issue.  She thinks it be haunted.    It wouldn't be so bad if I could synch it up with an evil laugh, but it's not too funny anymore.

THanks for the tips - Next time I can pry it away from her, I'll try the fix you mentioned and update if it works.

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Re: 1525 DVD tray randomly ejects on own

I'm having the same problem.  I have done online sessions with thier reps who have updated drivers, but that didn't help.  I have checked for viruses and adware - nothing.  I did this chipset driver change, but I am still having the problem.  Any new ideas?

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Re: 1525 DVD tray randomly ejects on own

So I'm sad to report a false positive... we went a few weeks after updating the chipset drivers and the demon returned, though it's frequency is less then before. It does seem to happen more often when she is picking up or moving it... but not always related to a physical movement...


I'm still looking for new ideas as well..



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Re: 1525 DVD tray randomly ejects on own

I had precisely the same trouble...my contact with Dell support was very enlightening and I think I have a solution for those of you having media center control panel problems, including spontaneous CD/DVD ejection issues.  I've done this and haven't had a problem at all in over a week now.  Previously, it happened regularly, even with all the updates in place.


First, make sure all the drivers, including DVD, Chipset and System drivers are up to date.  Also install the latest BIOS--I think A08 is now the latest version.


Having done this did not solve the problem in my case but probably is a good idea.


Now..for the real solution:

The ribbon cable at the back side of the media control panel, including the CD/DVD eject button lies particularly close to various metal contact on the mother board and chassis.  You have to remove the media center panel (see link below), and tape (I used a small piece of electrical tape) to cover any exposed areas of the ribbon cable.   On mine, I taped only the two connectors (one on the media panel and one on the mother board).  You might find other areas exposed on your ribbon cable.  Just cover them with tape to insulate them from touching any metal components inside the computer.


Be careful when working with the ribbon cable--it is very fragile and disconnecting and reconnecting the cable to the connectors can be tricky so be careful not to do any unnecessary detachments.


That's all it took and my system is now working fine!


Here's the link for removing the media panel cover and accessing the ribbon cable...It's pretty easy but be careful handling the various parts:

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


The screws for the initial step are under the battery pack...you will have to remove the battery to access them!


Good Luck.



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Re: 1525 DVD tray randomly ejects on own

This worked for me:

All, I had the same problem with a 1537. I was a little reluctant to upgrade the bios on a two month old machine and even more reluctant to let the wife know I was having a problem with my birthday gift.  Tried a linux drive - same problem.

Thinking back through 20 yrs as an electronics tech in the army I went back to the basics:

1) Shut everything down

2) Disconnected AC

3) Pulled the battery and let the computer set for about 10 minutes

4) Held the power button for a "20 count" - this is an old desktop computer trick to discharge filter capacitors

5) Re-installed the battery and AC power

6) Rebooted  and 48 hrs later the cd is still in the machine!  I can now eject and put dvd's in without cringing.

I have closed the lid, moved the computer, sent email and typed this post.  I hope it continues to work but it is by FAR the longest this machine has gone without an eject.  It may make no sense to anyone- but if it works it's good by me.

Take care and good luck - bh

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