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1558 cooling fan problem.



I have a 1558 which is a replacement computer i just received and it is having the exact same problem my 1555 had.

This computer overheats and has smoked a hard drive and the wireless networking card doesnt work right either. all i get from tec support is the run around about sending me a new hard drive. this is not going to fix the problem. the computer has an i3 , 500 gig hd,  intel video card chipset, 4 gigs of ram. it runs way to hot. i dont want the hard drive replaced. i want a computer that works and can cool itself.  the studio 15 cannot cool themselves and fry the mother board along with the cpu, video card chip and hard drive. i want either a new computer, not a refurbished on, your policy violates the computer lemon law in my state.


you can either send a 17 inch model equal to this one with whats on the inside , in which i can pay the difference for the monitor size so i can have a computer that has more than 1 fan in it and without the 7 bios revisions that have yet to fix the problem. after reading your forums and many other websites you should discontinue manufacturing according to your corporate website says what your corporate responsibilities are and this is one of those things you should just stop making until you can make one that lasts more than 30 days.


Or you can send me my money back under the computer lemon law, i bought my original computer last christmas. that one went through 4 hard drives, 2 mother boards, 1 cpu 3 keyboards, melted the outside cover. and cost me lots of money in down time since i do mobile sound its what i use to do my churches christmas banquet and our easter play. i am tired of playing with your tec support, i purchased the 3 year extended and the accidental breakage insurance. but this goes beyond normal problems. this refurbished computer does not work correctly, upon arrival it had issues seeing my power adapter that came with it, i had to purchase one from a reputable computer shop, come to find out this may be another lovely mother board issue. 


I am done with this poor customer service.

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Re: 1558 cooling fan problem.


I have the same issue on my Studio 1558, I5. I got it as a 'replacement' for the Studio 1555 that Dell tried to fix three times.  They sent me the 1558 brand spanking new 'remanufactured'.  It has been nothing but problems since i got it in August 2010.   It overheats and shuts down randomly.  Even on light use cruising the internet.   I purchased a single fan cooling unit to help bring down the temp to no avail.  I just purchased another twin fan cooling pad and still no luck. The notebook continues to shutdown.   I ran the diagnostic utility that Dell said work great and found the error 2000-0146.  It means - hard drive failure.  So, I go down to the local store, buy a hard drive, install it.  15 minutes later, computer shuts down.  Restart, shutdown, restart.  Its been doing this all day. Called Dell to complain, talked to three different departments. All sorry for the problem, but since the warranty has expired, not much i can do but, ship it to Dell for a fix.  I would have to pay for the work that could be anything from a bad cpu, motherboard or other component up to...Dell's words '500.00'.   Now why would i pay that much for a computer to get fixed.  I've been through two Dell laptops in less than a year and a half.

This company has totally disappointed me.  I switch from Gateway to Dell for this?  Dell should be ashamed of themselves for hyping this Studio brand. 5 lbs paper weights.  I will never buy another Dell.

Before Dell tells me i don't know what i'm talking about, take a look at the issues. I work with computers and software everyday.  So, Dell, I have a clue. 

The upside,..I got a new 320 GB SATA drive for 50.00.  Its back in the box until I go buy another notebook.  Definitely not a Dell.

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