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1558 cooling issue

I'm having the same issue with overheating and shutting down.  I had the Studio 1555 with multiple issues, Dell replace it with something even worse, The Studio 1558.  It has been nothing but problems since Aug 2010.   After three separate conversations today with Dell, a new hard drive as diagnosed by Dell's utility software, the notebook is now a paper weight.  How can two Dell notebooks have so many problems in less than 1.5 years? Dell offered to fix it 'out of warranty' because i didn't buy an extended warranty for the replacement.  Up to $500.00.  I thought I'd get at least 3 yrs out of it with only minor problems.  It has been almost 9 months i've had it.  Just like the 1555 at 9 months, 3 batteries failed, power supply and terrible technical support.

I will never buy another Dell.

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