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15r SE 7520 ATI graphics automatically disabled

I recently updated my Inspiron 15r se to windows 8 and promptly installed all of the drivers provided for windows 8 by dell. This included the new  A02 ATI graphics update.

My computer has been running well but I have noticed decreased graphics performance although CCC appears to be operating normally. Going into device manager I have found that windows 8 is disabling the ATI graphics card for an improper driver version. This is rather annoying since both dell and windows declare that the driver is up to date. 

to make matters worse when disabling and re-enabling the graphics card CCC completely loses track of it and will refuse to open by giving the message that "there are no settings to be controlled by this software". Also the graphics performance does not improve, even though windows now declares the device as operating.

I need to have the ATi card working, as the HD 4000 really does not cut it. Has anyone else run across this problem or know of how it can be fixed?