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2 External DisplayPort Displays Not Working - Latitude e6530

I am trying to configure three displays - two external monitors plus the built-in laptop display on my e6530. From what I can determine (based on my research so far), my configuration should be supported. Here are what I think are the relevant details:

  • Dell Latitude e6530 docked to an E-Port Plus replicator
  • Intel core i7 processor, with Intel HD 4000 graphics (up-to-date graphics driver)
  • 2 external Dell monitors, both connected via a straight DisplayPort cable (not an adapter cable)
  • Windows 8.1

I have followed the instructions from the Dell knowledge base on configuring 3 displays on a Dell notebook with Intel HD 4X00 graphics, including the listed sequence of turning off the laptop power, then connecting to the dock with both external monitors connected.

I can get any combination of two displays working (I want extended desktop). This includes mobile display + Monitor1, mobile display + Monitor2, or Monitor1 + Monitor2. The Intel HD graphics control panel correctly recognizes both external displays as connected via DisplayPort. All three displays are recognized in both Windows and the Intel HD graphics control panel.

When I attempt to extend my desktop to the third monitor, it automatically disconnects the second monitor. I cannot get all three displays to be active at once. Like I said, according to all documentation from Dell and Intel this configuration should be supported, but it is not working for me. Any help would be appreciated!

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