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5.1 surround sound on M17x R1 (win 7) not working.

Could someone please help me fix this? I've been scraping the bottom of the internet for hours on end..
I recently bought Logitech X-530 speakers. After I connected everything up and connected it to my laptop, I realised that not all speakers were playing at once..
I've played around with the IDT control panel and windows playback devices for hours, trying to configure it so all play at once...
Left, Right and sub and I think centre are listed as "Speakers", and rear left and rear right are listed as "headphones"..
Is there any way to merge the two?? Or fix this in general??
Oh yes, when I use the audio fill enhancement, the rear speakers play quieter than the rest, and garbled sound...

Pleeease hellp!

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Re: 5.1 surround sound on M17x R1 (win 7) not working.

Anybody can answer it? Can you share it with us? I'm still waiting for the answer.
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