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5160 Fan won't turn on

Hello all - I've been having trouble with my 5160 fan for the last few months. At first it was making some grinding type noises, and then it stopped working completely.

I bought a new fan (actually two new fans... anyone need a 5150 fan?) and now the fan doesn't want to do much. It turns on at boot-up, but only very briefly, and then it turns itself off immediately.

I ran the BIOS diagnosis - it says there's something wrong; the fan isn't working. Lovely diagnosis.

Any help?
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have you tried  updating the BIOS?
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Yes; I put in A08 yesterday, which was the latest version.
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Any other thoughts?
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Well, I can now "kindof" get the fan to come on.  The BIOS turns the fan on every once in a (great) while... maybe once every five minutes or so.
I downloaded Mr. Diefer's fan control, and can get the fan to turn on with 'Enable fan forcing to high speed'.  Unfortunately, it's pretty erratic - like the computer is commanding off/slow/high in random, rapid succession.
Any thoughts?
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