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5404 Rugged Laptop - NMEA Port??

I have multiple 5404s, most of which function properly. A few of them that were just received don't have the capability of utilizing GPS data for a program which we use regularly. I've been informed that the GPS data is accessible via the NMEA COM port driver. On the 5404s in question that the GPS isn't working right, this NMEA port is not listed in the drivers, whereas on the working 5404s it is present. 

My Google searching has turned up empty, other than Dell Wireless Manager is used in conjunction with this driver. There are no NMEA drivers listed on the 5404 download page, nor is there a Dell Wireless Manager app. I've already reinstalled the WWAN driver, which states it is packaged with the GPS driver as well, and the NMEA port still will not show up, and further testing shows the GPS data is not being collected for our program.

If anyone has any suggestions or better knowledge of this subject, I'd appreciate your help and welcome any replies.

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