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600m won't wake up after hibernate!!

My new 600m is not responsible after hibernation. I can do nothing except holding the power switch for 7 sec to shut it off and restart it again. Anyone has the same problem before? What configuration need to be looked at (I presume this is not as usual), I am new to laptops, thanks.
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Re: 600m won't wake up after hibernate!!

I don't think there is a fix for this. You need to disable Hibernation.

Go to Control Panel>  power options> choose Hibernate tab> "uncheck" Enable Hibernate.

My 600m started doing this. I'm thinking it is caused by a windows update and physical memory / motherboard conflict.

recently: When my 600m would hibernate, upon pressing the power button I was greeted with flashing led's, then nothing. Had to pull ram and battery. Hold the power button for 30 seconds. Plug the 600m in with no memory, turn on. no video. turn off, unplug. re-seat memory. plug battery and power cord back in. Booted up fine. What a head ache.

If anyone knows what the exact issue is, could you post it below. Thx

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