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7 Beeps...... not 8

Hi All,

I too am not able to get my Dell Inspiron to come on. After I power on, I get '7' Beeps with a pause in between continuously. I keep counting the beeps and yes it's '7'. Ugh.... I tried to press down the 'D' button, then powering on, but nothing occured.  Help?

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RE: 7 Beeps...... not 8

7 beeps usually means a failed processor. Check your manual online at Dell Support for beep codes. Time to buy a new computer.

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RE: 7 Beeps...... not 8


What is the exact system model? 

7 beeps is a processor cache failure. See this link for more info - 

If the system is under warranty, write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details. If there is no warranty, then we can help with a paid service call if required.

Keep us updated.

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