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7275 Blink Codes

I'm trying to find out if there are blink codes for the 7275 tablet. I found a small blurb about the power button lights, but it doesn't say anything about white blinking lights. want to know if the white blinking indicates anything. (example: 2 white blinks versus 5 white blinks when you press power button. Below is the only thing I could find.

LED status

What it means

Solid White

The battery is charging.

Solid Amber

The battery is at low level with the tablet on or in a connected standby state - the screen is off but the tablet is still turned on.


The battery is not charging or the battery is fully charged.

Flashing Amber

The battery is at a critical level and does not have enough charge to power on. If the power button is pressed during this state, the LED will turn on for 3 seconds and then turn off. Continue charging the tablet.

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RE: 7275 Blink Codes

Just about any of these blink codes OTHER than a battery-related one means a bad mainboard.

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RE: 7275 Blink Codes


To add to what "ejn63" posted.


The blinking patterns will consist of 2 sets of numbers being represented by (First Group:Amber blinks, Second Group:White blinks)

First Group ; The LED blinks 1 to 9 times followed by a brief pause with LED off at the interval of 1.5 seconds.
(This is in Amber color)

Second Group : The LED blinks 1 to 9 times, that would be then followed by a longer pause before the next cycle starts again at the interval of 1.5 seconds.
(This is in White color)

Example: No Memory detected (2,3), Battery LED blinks two times of amber color followed by a pause, and then blinks three times of white color. The Battery LED will pause for 3 seconds before the next cycle repeat itself again.

The following table depicts the amber and white blinking patterns with possible troubleshooting resolution:

Blinking PatternProblem DescriptionSuggested Resolution
2,1 CPU CPU failure
2,2 Motherboard:BIOS ROM Motherboard, covers BIOS corruption or ROM error
2,3 Memory No memory/RAM detected
2,4 Memory Memory/RAM failure
2,5 Memory Invalid memory installed
2,6 Motherboard:Chipset Motherboard / Chipset error
2,7 LCD LCD failure
3,1 RTC Power Failure CMOS battery failure
3,2 PCI/Video PCI or video card/chip failure
3,3 BIOS Recovery 1 Recovery image not found
3,4 BIOS Recovery 2 Recovery image found but invaild

Battery Charge Indicator

A battery/charge LED is co-located with the Power button.

A second charge LED is located in the base near the DC-in to indicate base only charging.

Both LEDs are visible when the lid is closed in clamshell mode.

Solid white — The battery is charging.

Off — The battery is adequately charged (or the computer is turned off).

Solid amber — The battery charge is critically low. 

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RE: 7275 Blink Codes

It looks like these troubleshooting codes are for a laptop. Do the same blink codes apply to the tablets also? The reason I ask is because the battery charge indicators are not the same.

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