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7559 Speaker Issue

I've read a lot about popping and crackling... This is NOT that issue.

I've noticed lately that if I am typing while listening to music that certain key presses (usually the top qwerty row) the speaker sound becomes 'muffled' or 'foggy' sounding temporarily - as if pressing down in the area close to the speaker causes it to happen.

Can anyone advise? Obviously a hardware issue, but I'd appreciate any feedback from any similar situations users might have had?


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RE: 7559 Speaker Issue


I found some information that may help you resolve the issue. Also, update your system bios as well as any new audio drivers; if available .

VLC Player should not be used to increase the volume. This will result in crackling of the sound. VLC tweaks and amplifies the sound by increasing the +dB (decibel). VLC player in long run will affect the speakers. If VLC player is used, please refrain from increasing the volume beyond 90%.
Run the diagnostics on the Audio by starting the computer and pressing the F12 Key and choose Diagnostics from the menu.



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