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7573 3 Beeps

My 7573 began beeping 3 times at startup, then running normally. It only beeps upon startup and shutdown sometimes. Called Dell and they suggested replacing the motherboard. I asked if there was a way to tell how much longer the computer would function normally, they said could be days or years. Replacing the motherboard is not cheap and I will be without my computer for a few weeks. Anyone have experience with this? My laptop works fine, the beeps are the only indicator their is a problem. I hate to spend so much money to fix a functioning computer that is only 4 years old. Any advice or experience with this type of problem would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: 7573 3 Beeps

This is a hardware problem with the system board as you know -- and Dell is correct.  It may work for days more, or weeks - or even years before it fails to boot.

The solution, as you also know is a replacement system board.

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