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7577 has different specs in europe.. for the worse. Why?

I feel kinda cheated...

I am waiting for my new 7577 that I've just ordered from the Danish dell page and I have afterwards figured out the specs weren't the same as in american/UK page (all online reviews are based on theese)

ok.. My laptop from Europe has a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5 and 1t HDD for around 1200usd and this is the cheapest model

and the US version has a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 and 256gb SSD for 1000usd

You kinda figure, when you read and watch reiews on a specific laptop from a specific  company, the specs would be the same world wide. I guess not...

What going on with this?! Cheaper price and better specs on the same model just from different countries. I have to pay 1700usd to get the model that has 1060 GPU

I get prices vary from countries because of VATS and taxes, but the specs doesn't lie.

Anybody else feeling this is a bit off?

Same story with the German page, BTW

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RE: 7577 has different specs in europe.. for the worse. Why?

The cost of anything reflects the cost of doing business - just about every product you buy carries a premium over US prices when purchased in Europe.  Doesn't matter if it's a PC, car or washing machine.  The cost of doing business and the competition's prices determine the asking price.

Unless Dell's price difference is out of line with the competition's -- which is not likely -- you'll find the same for all the other major notebook vendors.

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RE: 7577 has different specs in europe.. for the worse. Why?

Product prices in various regions are almost never accurately predicted by performing a currency conversion from one region to another, since there are too many other factors.  I remember traveling from the US to the UK, and consumer electronics that cost X USD here cost the same number of the same number of X GBP there, even though the exchange rate at the time meant that X GBP was 60% more expensive than X USD.

As another example, I believe some countries in Europe (or perhaps the entire EU) have laws that mandate longer warranty minimum periods for consumer electronics like laptops.  The default warranty on Dell consumer laptops sold in the US is one 1 year with mail-in service (rather than on-site), and no accidental damage protection.  Extending the length or quality of that coverage adds to the cost of the laptop significantly in the US.

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RE: 7577 has different specs in europe.. for the worse. Why?

To answer your second question, the 7577 in your area comes in several different configurations as shown here.  In the US, the 7576? had the lower end config and the 7577 had the higher end one.  To get the 7577 with the 1060, it starts at 10k KON

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