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A Piece Fell out of My DELL.

So this thing fell out of my N5110, I had heard a rattling removed the battery give it a shake and this thing fell out of a hole from the internals of my laptop, anyone know anything about it? it looks like some sort of bracket! I think it shorted connections inside the laptop as the laptop suddenly turned off a few times! Im afraid to use my laptop

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Re: A Piece Fell out of My DELL.

Looks like it's part of the hinge assembly.

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RE: A Piece Fell out of My DELL.

I had the same piece fall out of mine and now the laptop won't work at all!  I don't even know what the part is that fell out to describe it to someone to see if it is fixable.  Anything would help!

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RE: A Piece Fell out of My DELL.

I would contact Tech Support. I have taken apart several different model Dell Laptops and other manufacturers as well and that does not look like any part I have ever seen. I know for a fact it is not part of the hinge. Those are cast parts. That picture is a pressed part.

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RE: A Piece Fell out of My DELL.

I have the same problem with my N5110.  Did you find out what the part is?  Did Dell have a solution?


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RE: A Piece Fell out of My DELL.

I was so happy I found this post that I didn't realize that it wasn't resolved.

Anyway, I think the piece is from the RAM cover.

I noticed from some images I saw online that there were 6 of these pieces inside. Like this one for example (see near RAM slots),

This is a close up of what was in my laptop.

The missing piece was the one closer to the battery. I'm guessing it is to lock the RAM cover, but there seems to be other grooves for the same purpose as well. A couple of other similar pieces that were still in place were a little shaky. I was not able to get the one that fell out, back in.

I'm saving my piece and hoping someone will figure out the rest.

Also, I have not yet experienced any sudden turning off of the laptop.