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A13 BIOS upgrade on Inspiron 1464 causing over-heating


i have dell inspiron 1464 notebook with windows 7 ultimate 64bit running on it. last year my dell support center gave me a critical update notification for my BIOS. so i upgraded my original BIOS A06 to the latest A13. but as a result i noticed my system, i.e. CPU cores and GPU, getting heated up very quickly specially when a play streaming media in Adobe Flash Player. I've seen on dell support forums that other people are also facing similar problem with BIOS A13 on inspiron 1464 and other models. 

As BIOS update for A13 available on dell website has a Hard-Drive and a Non-Packaged versions only, so i used Non-Packaged version to Flash my BIOS from windows and made a backup of my original A06 BIOS. My question is that: 
  • now i want to downgrade my BIOS to get rid of this over-heating problem but i found out that you can only downgrade a BIOS using a Floppy Format BIOS installer which i don't have and dell stopped hosting BIOS A06 on their website. how can i proceed from here?
  • second, i found out some other inspiron 1464 notebooks were shipped with A11 BIOS. is it advisable to downgrade to A11, if possible?

My System Specs are:

Dell Inspiron 1464

CPU: Intel Core i3 M330 2.13GHz


GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 512MB GDDR3

HDD: Samsung 250GB

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RE: A13 BIOS upgrade on Inspiron 1464 causing over-heating

The samething right here. I upgraded to A13 then my Laptop N7110 has been over heat all the time. Most of the games I had played smoothly before were crashed after 5-10 minutes processing. CPU used to boot to 100% most of time.

I decided to downgrade my bios to A06 and all the issues have gone. 

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