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AC adapter Case power button being pressed, Dell 1525


I have dell 1525 from more than 7 years with no issues...

last 2 week I have issue that when the Ac adapter connected the laptop will shout off after seconds. but it a disconnect the Ac adapter it will start normally. and it will be shout off if I reconnect the AC adapter (like what happen when holding power button). and the screen will turn off immediately..

also I try to insert the AC adapter for 1-2 seconds when the laptop running windows (on battery) this will cause a shut down order like pressing power button for 1-2 second. but the screen will turned off immediately. but I still hear the sound of normal windows shout down...

I test the voltage of the adapter it is 19.4 (Normal). so it is not fault of AC adapter and battery is not fault also..

Any suggestions, please.

with best regard

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