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AMD FirePro M6100 Video Card does not work properly in the Precision Mobile Workstation M6800. Is Dell ever going to fix this Major Problem?

The AMD Video Card in the Precision Mobile Workstation M6800 Does Not Work in Windows 10 due to a driver problem and Dell has done nothing to resolve this problem that they have known about for nearly a year.  Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

The discrete GPU is a critical piece of hardware in this model, but it is unusable in Windows 10 with Hyper-V enabledDell provides Windows 10 drivers that work with Hyper-V for every other GPU option for this computer, but the driver (provided by Dell) for the FirePro M6100 GPU Does Not Work.

The only solution for this problem is to disable Hyper-V in Windows 10.  Dell directed me to get the highest model of their Precision Mobile Workstations line specifically because I need to run Virtual Machines in Hyper-V.  By the time I discovered the problem, it was too late to return or exchange the computer that Dell helped me configure for this purpose.

I have the Precision Mobile Workstation M6800 configured as follows:

  • i7-4710MQ 2.5 GHz Quad Core Processor w/ integrated Intel HD4600 Video
  • 32 GB of DDR3L-1600 MHz Ram
  • AMD FirePro M6100 discrete Video Card w/ 2GB Ram
  • 2TB RAID-0 Array (1TB mSATA SSD & 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD)
  • Optical Bay 2TB SATA 5400 RPM Hard Drive
  • 2x Blu Ray Recorder (swappable with Optical Bay Hard Drive)
  • FIPS fingerprint reader w/ TPM 1.2

I hope that someone has found a solution to this problem in a similar configured M6800;  if you had the same problem with your M6800 and you fixed it, please let me know how to fix this

If there is no way to get the FirePro M6100 to work properly in the computer that Dell designed it for,  then Dell should exchange it for a video card that actually works properly?

I hope someone at Dell will read this post and help me to fix this problem;  I should not have to spend hundreds of dollars to change the video card because Dell cannot fix this well known driver problem.

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I would like to bump and second this post. I just a clean win 10 install, I am seeing the same problem when I try to setup my hyperv host (which I use for testing lab purposes). This is a pretty significant flaw and it would be ideal if this could be fixed, it worked on Win8, Win8.1, but is definitely bombing out on Win 10.

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Thanks Nick,  I hope that all of the Precision Mobile Workstation M6800 owners who are affected by the clearly identified AMD FirePro Video Card Compatibility Problem would make themselves known and post a reply in this discussion so we can get some sort of Resolution from Dell.

I want to say that I have been a customer of Dell for a long time and I plan to continue using Dell for all of my computing needs.  All of my servers are Dell, I only use Dell Certified replacement & upgrade parts...  I cannot say enough great things about Dell and I think they are the best option for corporate & enterprise computing needs......

That being said.... I am very disappointed that there has been no effort by Dell to resolve this problem that they have been made aware of; a problem that has existed for many years and affects a lot of people.  The only official advice is to "avoid" the problem by disabling a major feature in an operating system that is supported on this model computer.  It is impossible for anyone who wants to use Hyper-V to resolve the problem since we would have to disable the specific feature we are trying to use.

Hyper-V is not a rarely used obscure feature, Hyper-V is the backbone of many Enterprise Networks;   the M6800 was recommended to me by Dell specifically for testing Hyper-V machines before moving them to my Production Servers.  As their most powerful mobile workstation, it Is the best computer for the job and it is the only model with the hardware capable of doing so effectively.

There are 4 different video cards designed for the M6800,  and the FirePro M6100 is the only card reported as having this compatibility problem.  The problem would be solved by Dell simply exchanging our video cards for one of the following M6800 graphics cards:

NVIDIA Quadro K3100M
NVIDIA Quadro K4100M
NVIDIA Quadro K5100M

Dell probably has more than enough of those video cards for spare parts or warranty replacement parts that could be offered to affected owners.  I would even be willing to pay the difference in price and turn in my FirePro card, but we were never offered this or any other resolution to the problem.

Dell has went above and beyond my expectations in the past to resolve problems like this as quickly as possible, but not in this case.  The M6800 was Dells Flagship Mobile Workstation and one of the most powerful mobile workstations in the world for many years (and still is), but this problem still remains unresolved.

I hope more people make themselves knows so we can get Dell Attention with the hope that they will offer us a solution to this problem.

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I have a Dell 6800 w 32G of ram and an AMD firepro 6100 and have been totally dissatisfied with the support and the performance of the system as a whole. I will never buy another AMD product again and am not entirely sure about Dell. Their long delayed if not wilful ignoring this problem makes me question their integrity and reliability as a vendor.. The driver updates they have released are a disaster as they will not install because of an error regarding frameswork 4.5 being loaded, when I know for a fact that it is and was updated. I have been dealing with this problem for a YEAR and have gotten nowhere. I am sick of being used as a cash register and then being dropkicked to the cub with an inferior non working product. I have received no help except for Dell pointing the finger at windows and Windows blaming AMD. Quite frankly you all *** at customer service, and your products arent much better it would appear, I have finally got the system to work without crashing every five minutes but no AMD video card driver and the advanced graphics capabilities I paid for..  I had to completely uninstall windows 8.1 and windows 10 and wipe the drive and go back to 7 pro just to get a stable platform. Let alone the horrendous number of hours I have poured into this thing and still have a system that performs at a 50 percent level of what was expected and paid for.  I am extremely frustrated with this situation and it certainly will live long in my memory.

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I'm sorry to hear that you have had the same problem with your computer. Can you let me know what the order of operating systems you had was from the beginning, as well as the exact hardware? My computer shipped from Dell with Windows 8 Professional, then it was upgraded to windows 10 by Microsoft.  

It sounds like you had a worse experience than me and I am curious as to why you had more problems.  I believe it was my FIPS fingerprint reader option in my computer that required Windows 8, but even if mine was an upgrade from Windows 7 I am sure the problem would be the same.  

Would you consider contacting Dell as a group if we can get more people involved (or perhaps just the two of us)? I suspect that Dell would be more willing to help solve this if a group of people contacted them about this issue as opposed to a single person. If so,  then we would have to figure out what we would even want Dell to do about this.  I do not think Dell could make AMD rewrite a hardware driver for the FirePro M6100 card (assuming it is a software issue and not a hardware problem),  so some hardware needs to be replaced one way or another

Would it satisfy you if Dell exchanged your video card for one of the higher performance models that does not have this problem? The only other solution would be for Dell to exchange the computer for the Precision Mobile Workstation M7710. 

I hope more people with this issue will join us in trying to get Dell to do something to resolve this for affected owners. 

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I purchased the laptop as a refurb, (blemish) from an authorized reseller with hte warranty etc , because it is a "working" workstation in the field as I do design work as well as robot programming and field service. When I purchased it had windows 8 installed as that was all I found available at the time , I knew when I purchased that I would have to upgrade to 8.1 as Solidworks is not ported to run on 8. The first couple of months went with no problem, AMD drivers were loaded and all worked great as I am accustomed to with previous dell products. I started the laptop one morning and poof ! no AMD video card, I noticed some anomalies with Solidworks when I was working on models, which led me to the vdeo driver discovery, that was when the trouble started. I researched and did the reccomeneded fixes of uninstalling and removing all references to the AMD card and then running the discovery tool from AMD, loaded and recognized , and appeared all was well , 3 days or so later poof same scenario. This time the fix didnt take , more research and no results, by this time I was experiencing multiple crashes for Solidworks for no apparent reason, I would be looking at the screen and doing some mind work and it crashes with no input and no activity from me for no reason. It progressed to a point the laptop was unusable and after consulting with SW tech help as I am on subscription , an uninstall and reinstall was done and restored SW to functional state for a while. Crashes returned  and usability decreased again. I had talked to a couple of guy's in my SW user group running 10 with SW , so i thought at this point, I dont have much to lose. Bad assumption. 10 was a total train wreck, it started out ok but soon went bad , very bad , SW was unusable, random crashes, unable to resolve the AMD driver issue still. try to contact microsoft and they were as helpful as a rubber crutch. The wont even talk to you unless you sign over your firstborn ( even when their software wont work ! they want to charge you for fixing what they did wrong, wish my customers would let me do that ! ) My final recourse was I purchased retail seat of  Win 7 pro and had an Microsoft certifed tech wipe the SSHD (256G) and do a clean install of Win 7 pro. After reinstalling all my software (Soidworks2016SP4, KROSET (Kawasaki Robot Simulation and programming ) Office 2013 Matlab, OneCNC , Bobcad v27 Wire EDM cnc. I have  functionality back, but get the BSOD when I try to install the driver for AMD M6100. I went to the Dell site and did the automated driver update routine and get the BIOS update done , but cant proceed any further because the Intel Driver update wont load on the error of not haveing 4.5 install, which is *** as I confirmed , when I tried to download and install, it prompts that I already have a later version installed. So here I am stuck in another iterative loop of programming incompetence. This has gotten to be like Groundhog day. This cliuster fornication has burned so much productive time  I have had to make up for all the failed time with loss of sleep to make scheduled deliveries of design packages for my projects.

I think you can see why I am so totally ***. Aggravation is one thing , loss of sleep and money is another. As near as I can tell this problem has existed for at least  30 months according to the dates I find. According to the propaganda for both Dell and AMD their programmers walk on water and do not get shoes wet. 30 months in and no workable solution has been found that is at least 80% effective on the populations in the wild ? Whats wrong with this picture ? And then to add insult to injury releasing a fix that does not work and will not install ? 

At this point I am not entirely sure I want these clowns doing anything with my system as I dont have the time to ship it to them for the weeks of time it will take them to install the new card and then have to reinstall all my software again. I would listen to any reasonable attempt to rectify this situation, but given the track record so far I am very skeptical. I do not see a lot of these types of problems with the NVIDIA cards, some but not nearly as many, but everyone with an AMD card has experienced some level of problem in my SW user group. Certainly if I had any inkling of these issues I would never have selected the AMD with Dell. 

Win 7 Pro serv pk 1 Intel core i7-4800MQ cpu @2.7ghz 32 Gb ram, 256 SSD (OS) 750Gb HDD ,Touch input available with 10 touch points .  AMD M6100 Video card paper weight. 

I am open to suggestions so that others dont get hosed as I have and will help to that end as I can. 


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