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Adapter Switching with a Dell Docking Station D3100 / Latitude E7450?


              We bought Dell docking stations D3100 to go with our Dell Latitude E7450.

I’m trying to configure the laptop for when the user disconnect it from the docking station, it automatically connect back to the network Wi-Fi.

Adapter Switching work great if I use the Ethernet adapter on the laptop itself. Once I disconnect the Network cable, it looks for the Wi-Fi and connects to it with no issue.

If I connect the network cable to the docking station, once I remove the connection from the docking to the laptop(usb3), I lose the wired network and it’s not even looking for the Wi-Fi.

I did configure the Dell gigabyte adapter on the docking station to be the first priority over the Wi-Fi just like I did for the laptop network adapter.

I updated the bios, firmware and drivers.

I also looked at the bios power management: Wireless Radio Control settings

Both local area network connections are above the Wireless one (priority)

Both Local area network adapter metric are set to 10 (only 1 is in use, both are set for testing purpose) while the wireless adapter metric is set to 9999.

As anyone had this issue or was able to get this working? Am I missing something ?


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RE: Adapter Switching with a Dell Docking Station D3100 / Latitude E7450?

It is July 2017 and no one from Dell has responded to this.  I am having same issue as well having done all I was asked to do by the service technician.  Can someone from Dell please respond?  Thanks.

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