Adaptor Problem

Hey there!

I have bought an Alienware 17 r3 in US while i was on a trip to san francisco. But now I'm back to my country ans here the the plug volts are 220V, and it was 120V in america. My adaptor is making 120V to 180V but since here ie s 220V my pc keeps warning me about this nd saying that the voltage might demage my battery and pc. I've looked to the dell store on internet ( since there s none in my countrt). But i couldnt find any adaptor to do this ( maybe i didnt sse i m not sure but i tried to find for like 2 hours)  

What I'm asking is how i can fix this problem. And if i can i want to buy an original adaptor.

I tried to contact directly to Dell but there s no way but callling them. And i dont know how to explain while talking.

Please help me! Thanks ^^

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RE: Adaptor Problem

The system must have come with a non-OEM adapter -- every OEM Dell adapter is good for 120-240V and 60 or 50 Hz -- if it's non-OEM it may not meet those specs.  What you need is a Dell OEM  PA9E adapter.

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