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Adding internal Bluetooth Module - Studio13 XPS

Planning on getting the Studio 13 XPS for my wife's laptop upgrade.  I usually get direct from DELL, but BestBuy has a sale and it doesn't come with the internal BT module.

I haven't been able to find documentation online on how/where to install the BT module.  I'm pretty sure it's The 2.4 GHz Wireless 370 Bluetooth® 2.1 Mini-Card.

Since the laptop only has 2 USB ports,  I want an internal BT card so I can run a BT mouse and sync software for my phone.

1. Is there documentation around for this installation?

2. Is this the correct module - The 2.4 GHz Wireless 370 Bluetooth® 2.1 Mini-Card ?  I ran a customize on the DELL site for the Studio13 XPS and the BT module is only $20 extra.  I'll have to probably order it from DELL.

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